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DependaBill Solutions, LLC, is a third party utility billing and submetering company. Our highly qualified staff has extensive experience allowing us to serve the needs of our customers with excellence. We have installed tens of thousands of meters in communities throughout the United States.

Utility submetering is a cost effective method of measuring monthly utility usage in multi-family housing units as well as commercial retail units. The meters installed in each unit measure and help to control the exact amount of energy or water used by the occupant. End users are then billed according to the actual usage. This is a win-win situation for both management and consumers. By allowing residents to be financially responsible for only their utility usage, it is not uncommon to see an immediate reduction in consumption of up to 35%.

Not only does utility submetering encourage conservation, but utility submetering enables residents to control their expenses since they do not have to pay for the consumption of others. DependaBill provides submetering of water, gas and electric. DependaBill has become one of the leaders in sales and installations of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) submetering systems.



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